Monday, September 23, 2013

Rackmount keyboard and Its Features

Rackmount keyboard are built to last and tackle any sort of process involving control of machines. We at CTI Electronics Corporation manufacture high-end Rackmount keyboards for industrial and commercial purposes. With the service of expert personnel and use of excellent manufacturing facilities we provide high-quality keyboards.

Features of Rackmount keyboards:
  • We provide 101/104key options for industrial type keyboards. Gain full customization options as we ensure to provide the best service.
  • 2mm travel ensures smooth operation. The user will not bear the stress of engaging the keys according to the required input. 2mm travel feels light on the fingers and promises high-end returns.
  • Waterproofing options assures the user to use this keyboard in any type of environment. Since it is an industrial type keyboard, it is expected to have wet environments.
  • Sliding rails can withstand pressure of 80lbs per side without any problem. We have tested the keyboard several times for maximum stability.
  • Language options make the keyboard easy to access, we have provided full customization along with installation hardware.
  • We adhere to international manufacturing and safety standards for creation of industrial machinery. All the keyboards are tested for quality and output, they should clear the tests successfully before delivery process.
Rackmount Keyboards


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