Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Purchase High-Quality Industrial Joysticks from CTI Electronics Corporation

The CTI Electronics Corporation serves many industries by providing rugged and reliable industrial equipments. Our industrial-grade inductive joystick with 1K or 10K ohms of resistance provides exceptional performance in indoor/outdoor applications in aggressive industrial environments. We design and manufacture durable and reliable industrial joysticks for use in various industrial, medical, aerospace and military-grade applications. We use NEMA 4 or NEMA 12 sealing that enables the use of these devices in extreme temperature conditions and varying humidity.  Industrial grade joysticks are designed with environmental sealing, which eliminates moisture and dirt contaminants.
Some of the typical applications of these industrial grade joysticks involve:
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Control Systems
    Industrial Joysticks
  • On-Road Transportation Vehicles
  • Rugged Military Laptops
  • Off-Road Heavy Equipment
  • Outdoor Test Equipment
  • Medical Operating Rooms
  • CNC Machines
  • Marine Vessel Control Panels
  • Scientific Laboratories
  • Medical Nursing Stations
  • Military Systems
  • Food Processing Stations
  • Pharmacies
CTI’s joysticks models
With us, you will find wide arrays of Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) as well as customized (Build to Print) industrial joysticks.
  • F series industrial grade joysticks: These are highly reliable and provide drift-free performance, ruggedness and excellent tactile feel. F series are best suited for aggressive and critical industrial environments including extreme temperature range, high humidity, precipitation, and debris due to their smooth travel and exact precision control, with a 3.2 inch above panel handle.
  • H series heavy duty industrial grade joysticks - Predecessor to the F Series, H series also provide extremely precise, highly reliable, rugged, and drift-free performance. These full size joysticks offer non-contacting design in a larger size model. Similar to F series, these heavy duty joysticks also provide excellent performance in harsh environments, heavy equipment machinery, and manufacturing/processing facilities.


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