Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Use Illuminated keyboards and Enjoy Working at Nights or in Low Light Environments

CTI Electronics Corporation is your trusted and most reliable source for highest quality illuminated keyboards. CTI’s industrial operator input devices are designed with utmost precision to ensure our customers guaranteed long term availability. Our illuminated industrial grade keyboards offer excellent performance in low lit industrial environments and at nights. They are durable and offer long 25 years of uninterrupted service.

CTI’s illuminated keyboards are designed with NEMA enclosure and Syn-Proof Coating on the elastomer provides complete protection from harsh oils, chemicals, and debris. Illuminated industrial grade keyboards are available in a variety of sizes and versions including OEM, Panel Mount, Plug-n-Play and Rack-Mount. Along with standard design, we have the expertise and experience in designing customized keyboards. CTI’s illuminated keyboards come with 10 levels of illumination which enables our keyboards to adapt different industrial environments. Ability to provide many levels of illumination made us achieve industry reputation and competitive advantage in the markets.

Illuminated Keyboards

Optional additions
As per the interest of our customers, we offer various optional additions to our illuminated keyboards such as:
  • Orbital Mouse®; a circular button style which is used as a mouse pointing device
  • Arrow Mouse™ which uses arrows to control the mouse pointing device
  • Industrial Trackball; users can use this as a pointing device
We provide illumination using LEDs and customers can choose their desired backlighting colors in case of custom orders. These sealed switches operate well in extreme temperature range of -40°C to +80°C. Also, the keyboard is resistant to water seepage and any debris due to their NEMA sealing.


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