Monday, March 28, 2011

Sealed Illuminated Keyboard from CTI Electronics

The Illuminated keyboard is very much in demand among industrial areas that require its use in low light. Durable and highly functional they fulfill the requirements of such pivotal industries like the military, medical, board ships, aircrafts and many more.

CTI Electronics has been satisfying the needs of these industries over the last 25 years in an efficient manner. Whether, for their cost effectiveness or quality performance, CTI electronics’ keyboards (both illuminated and non-illuminated) are preferred by users barring geographical and industrial boundaries. Recently, we at CTI Electronics, have introduced a sealed variety of illuminated keyboard range, to provide better services in terms of security and quality.

The new CTI Electronics’ Industrial keyboard comes in a patented, innovative small foot print with full size keys. The new range comes in a mid-size NEMA 4/4X (IP66) sealed variety with full 101/104 functionality. Its many features include 12 function keys, a separate numeric keypad, and are combined with the OrbitalMouse® mouse pointer.

And, if you are worried if it would fit into your existing computer, then rest assured we have designed this keyboard to fit into all computers. They are just right for any configurations, without installing any special software drivers. For greater reliability, we have coated the nickel contacts with gold and offered superior sealing for greater longevity, even if it gets exposed to harsh working conditions every day.The Sealed Illuminated keyboard is the right answer to our commitment towards offering the best to our burgeoning list of clientele from important industry sectors. Get one today and use it to avail the very best from an industrial keyboard ever!