Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Reliable Industrial Motion Control Devices at CTI

Industrial motion control devices are used for automated controlling of position and/or velocity of machines. Known best as industrial motion controllers, they have become very important today where robotics and CNC machine tools are becoming utilized more and more today.

The industrial motion control devices are very beneficial to the user, as they increase performance pace thus enhancing productivity in whatever industry sector you are in. Moreover, you can integrate your devices to other automated processes, which result in smoother movements. This further leads to reduced cost in going ahead with all your projects. Thus, for increased consistency and improved efficiency, we recommend the use of these industrial motion control devices.

How CTI Electronic Corporation Helps You:

Designing and manufacturing industrial motion control devices are our forte at CTI electronics. Hence, we guarantee you high quality devices that are developed to cater to your special needs. Our top class devices are just right for camera motion control, parker motion control, stepper motor motion control and many more.

You too can be a member of our burgeoning list of clientele that spans a range of vital sectors including the aerospace, automotive, medical, surveillance and military. Our product range includes:
  • Handheld (Analog) Device
  • Compumotor Devices (of different models)
  • Desktop (USB Joystick) Device (of different models)
We also provide the right accessories for these devices in the form of M2000 - Industrial Motion Controller Holder for easy panel mounting.  We suggest that you use CTI motion control devices to contribute your share to better the environment, as these help in elimination of functional hazards to human and animal as well.

Avail Our Excellent Services

CTI Electronics is a global leader in providing high quality computer peripherals. Apart from providing genuine products, we are also known amongst our clients for our excellent customer service. We have customer friendly services that allow us to serve you better.  This includes keeping standard items in stock, having long term availability of items or their equivalent, and repairing out of warranty items on a "flat rate" basis.
Get a CTI industrial motion control device today and we make sure you go back satisfied!