Thursday, November 28, 2013

CTI Electronics Industrial Motion Controllers – Among the Best in the Industry

CTI Electronics name is well established and renowned in the industry due to the delivery of best-in-class industry operator input devices at best and affordable deals. Over the last 25 years, we have been serving customers across multifarious industry sectors including industrial processing, medical, military, off-road equipment and aerospace. Our range of rugged, reliable and sealed motion controllers is specially designed and precision-engineered for accurate motion control of numerous analog devices. The superior quality built using high-grade materials have made them popular in the extreme temperature ranges, humidity, moisture and other harsh and unfavorable industry situations.

CTI Plug-n-Play NEMA 4X (IP66) model for advanced motion control
CTI Electronics plug-n-play motions control series have been specially designed for handheld and limited space applications. Since they are intelligently designed using NEMA 4X (IP66) seal and stainless steel enclosure, they ensure durable and excellent performance in harsh and wet industrial environments. Our exclusive range of plug-n-play motion controllers has been extremely used and widely popular in aerospace, industrial, medical, and military field applications.

Industrial Motion Controllers

Flexibility in choosing the right from the plenty of options
We possess cutting-edge manufacturing facilities and advanced fabrication techniques to precision make a wide range of motion controllers for use in your most demanding and challenging industrial operations. All the CTI Electronics motion controlling series are well known in the market for their durability, reliability and high performance in any strenuous environmental conditions.
CTI Electronics designs and manufacturers the following series of motion controlling devices for customers’ use across multifarious industry sectors.
  • M2000-Nx
  • M2003-N24-P0283, M2003-N24-P0284
  • M2003-N3-P0322, M2003-N3-P0323
  • M2003-N3-P0511, M2003-N3-P0512
  • M2003-N33-P1117, M2003-N33-P1118
  • M2003-N82-P1000, M2003-N82-P1001, M2003-N82-P1002
  • M20UxT-Nx-7P
  • M20U1T-Nx-7P
  • M20U9T-Nx
  • M20U1T-Nx
  • M90U9T-Nx


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