Tuesday, May 28, 2013

High- Quality Industrial Switches from CTI Electronics

The C2208A Series Industrial Switch offers extensive controls for handling heavy industrial processes. We at CTI Electronics, Inc manufacture high-end industrial switches according to custom requirements.

Our detailed website will offer all the information you need to purchase high quality industrial switches. Our engineers work round the clock in offering cost effective solutions that can increase your efficiency and reduce operation costs.

C2208A Series Industrial Switch pad Specification
  • Industrial Switch pad Features
  • Molded rubber elastomer keys (Gray or Black) rated for 10 million cycles
  • Keys: 2mm travel with excellent tactile feedback
  • Legends are silicon ink, oven cured, so as to thermally fuse the ink to the rubber
  • Optional customized legends or elastomer color
  • Made in the USA
  • Power 5VDC, limit current to < 10mA
  • Recommend at 5VDC, < 1mA.
  • Operating Temperature Operating Temperature -40ºC to 80º C (standard)
  • Storage Temperature -40ºC to 80º C
  • Relative Humidity 100% non-condensing (with "Z" option)
Sealing & Protection
  • Water Tight NEMA 4 (IP66)
  • Protection Syn-Proof™ coating resists most oils and harsh chemicals Optional Parylene® coating available
  • MTBF Greater than 100,000 hours
  • Life
  • PCB at recommended power level is 10,000,000+ activations
  • Syn-Proof™ coated Elastomer is up to 10,000,000 activations
  • Parylene coated Elastomer is 10,000,000+ activations
  • Keys Sealed "Hard" gold plated switch contacts
  • Peak Value 50g
  • Pulse Duration 11 ms
  • Waveform Half Sine
  • Frequency Displacement (inches)
  • 5 - 25 Hz 0.1
  • 25 - 55 Hz 0.03
  • Compliant with FCC class A and B regulations
  • "CE" classification option requires the following modifications:
  • Shielded enclosure and shielded cable (made by customer)
  • Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive or RoHS Compliant (Pb free)
  • ESD rated to 15KV


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