Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Features of Medical Grade Keyboards

Medical Grade Keyboards have their own benefits, usage wise these keyboards can allocate themselves in rugged environments. CTI Electronics, Inc manufacture high end Medical Grade Keyboards for hospitals. Specifications provided with these keyboards are different from our competitors, we promise to deliver that extra bit in all our products.

Features of Medical Grade Keyboards:
  • The customer can select 101/104 key functionality with language options. Language options simply accessing of keyboard.
  • Use of silicon rubber packs the keyboard and ensures waterproofing. Medical environments consists moisture, water and soluble items, working in such surroundings can prove hazardous for electronic devices, silicon rubber protects the keys and keeps it intact.
  • Cleaning the keyboard is very easy with the use of added protection. Wiping off dirt and other residue from the keys keeps the keyboard clean and neat. Medical environments do contain germs and viruses; it can affect the health of the user.
  • Gold over nickel contacts have proven efficient the passing years, it provides waterproofing options for the years to come. Circuit of the keyboard is sealed for keeping liquid away.
  • Gain maximum control by customizing the options provided. The user can select panels according to their requirements; this option comes handy during portability and space crunch.
  • The user needs to be comfortable at all times when using this keyboard; we have LED option that can decrease eyestrain of the user. The user can easily access keys even in low lighting conditions.