Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Three-Button NEMA 4 Switches for Industrial Purposes

Industrial switches offer super control over machines. CTI Electronics Corporation manufactures three button sealed switch for industrial and commercial purposes. An OEM type switch can work wonders for several manufacturing based processes, our designs adhere to International Quality Standards. We ensure all our products manufactured undergo series of tests for perfection and stability. CTI Electronics Corporation also manufactures Rack mount keyboards for operating purposes.

Features of NEMA 4 Switch:
  • Use of molded silicon rubber ensures the user has stress free operations. The design of these switches offers excellent durability.
  • Use of LED indicators will prove essential during low lighting conditions. LED indicators increase the visibility of keys. Some industrial processes do not require the presence of light, controlling machines in such scenarios might be difficult, a LED indicator comes handy in such scenarios.
  • Expect our designs to be compact; they are created using gold plating and ribbon cable.
  • We provide color options according to requirements, standard colors are grey and black. At times, there is a need to have custom colors because of the industrial process, in such situations our engineers will surely help you.
  • The small footprint of the switch makes it an ideal device to be used for medical and hospital requirements. These Three-Button NEMA 4 Switches can survive rugged environments without any problem.
  • NEMA 4 (IP66) type sealing ensures high-end usability in wet conditions.
  • CTI’s SYN-Proof™ coating is present to protect the switch from solvents and harsh oils.