Tuesday, March 20, 2012

KIO3700 Series - NEMA 4 (IP66) Rack Mount Keyboards

The KIO3700 Series - NEMA 4 (IP66) rack mount keyboards w/ Orbital Mouse® is the preferred equipment for high end control. Rugged and seal pattern ensure you get maximum output when it comes to performance. We have specially designed this type of keyboard so that it can perform according to your needs. It is a sealed industrial keyboard which is specially designed for rugged environments. 12 function keys are given which work perfectly with CTI's Orbital Mouse® button style mouse pointer. Experienced drift free application which can provide high end control. Industrial pointed with molded silicon rubber is given so that you have the option to control other devices with ease. 2mm tactile feel gives you the best output from this Rack mount keyboard.

One of the striking features is of the waterproofing capabilities of the keyboard. Yes, this helps a lot when working on high end engineering applications. Gold over nickel components are used which provide waterproofing features in the keyboard. The keyboard is packed with high end heavy gauge anodized aluminum with a 1U panel height, it works extremely well when considering various operation. Folding door and hand rest feature ensures the user is at comfort all the time. This type of comfort feature removes the stress involved when working on the computer for longer durations.

Sliding rails given for the Rackmount keyboards can carry weight up to 80 pounds that also per side. We have our own website which is www.CTI Electronics.com. Feel free to give us a call and we will explain you all the features and how you can benefit from these Keyboard and other products. It works simply superb when you have that extra space for keeping valuables and other important gadgets. We also provide all the installation hardware which can give you the perfect fit. There are various parameters involved which will give you the space to select the keyboard specifically according to your preferences. We also manufacture high end medical keyboards and industrial keyboard according to custom requirements.