Tuesday, August 2, 2011

USB Joystick F1000-N5 for Industrial Use

The F1000-N5 is an advanced USB joystick that can be used for day to day operations. Controlling heavy machinery is difficult at times because there is lot of workload pressure. Use of F1000-N5 can be done to increase productivity; handling of machinery is done in efficient manner. Wastage of energy is avoided since it requires very less power for operation. Using this joystick gives the user an edge over controlling options.

Features of F1000-N5 USB Joystick

The F1000-N5 has standard two axes for basic operations. Thumb operation feature is present which can be activated according to requirements. Construction of the boot is done in neoprene material which is long lasting. It ensures high end comfort to the user while accessing the joystick. Additional conformal coating is given which protects the joystick from dust and spores. Operating conditions and environment will not be green and safe all the time, in such conditions there is a need to cover the joystick with additional coating.

One of the striking features is operating temperature of the Industrial OEM joysticks. The F1000-N5 USB joystick can be used in temperatures like -40 degrees. It is one of the advanced joysticks created through technological advancements. -40 degrees is too much for an electronic device but CTI Electronics have delivered the right equipment for industrial use. Dead band is absent in this type of joystick. Ribbon cable for access is covered with ferrite beads which is high end. The F1000-N5 is a non condensing joystick which can be used in high temperature surroundings. It has water tight sealing which ensures there is no liquid damage due to heat and moisture.

The Product

The F1000-N5 USB joystick has been delivering more than expectations in the industrial sector. USB joysticks ensure reduced work stress on the user. It has simple glide options with electric components that help in accessing a machine. Purchasing of F1000-N5 USB joystick can be done through www.ctielectronics.com which provides high quality industrial equipment. Over the decades, we are the most preferred manufacturer in USB joysticks. These joysticks are checked for quality and performance before final delivery. CTI Electronics have high end quality standards when it comes to manufacturing of industrial related work equipment.