Tuesday, July 5, 2011

USB Joystick – The F1000 Series NEMA 4 Unveiled

USB joystick is required for various industrial processes. The F1000 Series NEMA 4 is one of the preferred tools for medical purposes. The design of this joystick is done in advanced manner; it has multiple operating options which help a lot during various medical processes. We at CTI Electronics proudly manufacture the F1000 Series NEMA 4 which has definitely got the feel and control over medical applications. CTI Electronics are designing industry joysticks over decades now and we have mastered the art of electronic control with lots of new inventions. The F1000 Series NEMA 4 is one of the high end devices which have advanced control options.

It has white neoprene boot with white colored joystick knob which comfortably fits in your hand. White color allows detection of dirt and other harmful substances present on the joystick. USB joystick like F1000 Series NEMA 4 has created a boom in the market regarding advanced control options.

USB joystick has proven to be effective when it comes to controlling options. The F1000 Series NEMA 4 is packed with features which gives additional support while working. Feel stress free as the design and make of the joystick is smooth and superb. Sensitivity of the joystick is feather touch type; you can easily glide the knob according to your requirements. . USB joystick has super reliability and long lasting features.