Monday, May 16, 2011

USB Joysticks – The Need for Automation

USB Joysticks are required for various industrial applications. Selecting a joystick can be problematic. Automation processes work on different parameters which need to be checked. Once you know your application it is easy to determine the USB Joysticks .You need to know what type of application you are installing in your manufacturing plant .The environment plays an important role when selecting high end joysticks. The environment decides the making and finish of the joystick. If there is any involvement of hazardous substances all are rugged but the degree of protection is determined by the application of the device such as if there is electromagnetic interference (RFI, EFI) the temperature of the place where it is going to be used etc. Water proofing is also an essential tip that helps the joystick to function in high end manner.

(10 Knob Options available) which also gives the user different methods of using a joystick. If it’s going to be used for controlling robotic vehicle or machine then the sensitivity and handling should be easy and trouble free. If the joystick is used for pointing applications on a screen then option of permanent installation can be selected. We at CTI Electronics ensure to deliver high end USB Joysticks which give various options to the user. Custom requirements are catered as our Engineers work round the clock in delivering high end performance devices.