Thursday, January 6, 2011

CTI Industrial Mouse™ – Eternal Solution for High Productivity in Industries

The Industrial Mouse™ is used in all industry situations where this input device is in jeopardy of being assailed by harsh industrial environment. This includes tough weather conditions, oil, dirt and grime. In addition, this is what differentiates it exactly from a mouse used in homes. This rugged device has rightly replaced the use of commercial pointing device in various sectors like industrial, medical and food preparation applications. As, they have to be sturdy to withstand the harshest work environment, they have to be made with the best materials available. This also enables the Industrial Mouse™ to have longer shelf life with maximal warranty limits

The CTI Electronic Edge over Others:

Since 1986, CTI has been the mind behind the designing and manufacturing of key sensor technology required for operator input devices. One of the most important factors that give us an edge over other manufacturers is that we are the original inventors of the Industrial Mouse™. Moreover, our R&D team has taken special pains to maintain the quality of these input devices. In fact, our industrial trackballs have excellent record of accomplishment of needing zero maintenance, without of course the need for repairing. They have been in use across a wide range of industry sectors that include the military, aerospace, process control, medical and other critical applications. Indeed, they are durable and eternal solutions for higher productivity in all industry sectors.

The CTI electronic Industrial Mouse™ comes with the following features:
    • CTI Electronics’ patented and proven inductive joystick
    • Direct Connection to PS/2 mouse port; software drivers not required
    • Over 20 degrees of joystick travel from center position
    • 8 field-selectable response curves
    • No moving electronic parts or magnets
    • Sealed pushbutton on joystick knob for one-handed point and click operation
    Housed in a rugged NEMA 4X stainless steel enclosure the CTI Industrial Mouse™ and industrial keyboards are designed to give reliable service in the most rugged and difficult environments.